Successful Plumbing With Plastic Pipes

Plumbing helps transport substances safely through a closed environment. However, there are some options to consider when constructing or maintaining a plumbing system. Now, there are choices between metal or plastic piping. Plastic piping could be the better decision.


• Cracking Resistance – Heat is released quickly from metal pipes when the air is cold and heat is absorbed quickly through metal pipes when the air is hot. The extreme changes of temperature can cause metal pipes to crack and burst while plastic pipes resist those dramatic changes due to the insulating properties. Also, the temperature of the internal water will remain more constant with plastic pipe.

• Easy Installation – Rubber parts can be used to connect or protect plastic piping. Using rubber plumbing fixings is beneficial over the metal fixings of other pipes because rubber does not rust. Even when plastic fixings are used rather than rubber, these fixings cause fewer problems. When a plumber goes to replace old metal pipes, often the joints are rusted together which takes time to separate. By installing plastic pipes, a household can ensure fast and easy maintenance in the long run, especially during emergencies.


• PVC – Polyvinyl chloride is the most typical piping used today. In color, it is white or cream. This material resists wear from chemicals and physical objects, stays connected very well, rigid and seems to last forever.

• CPVC – Chlorinated PVC is similar to regular PVC except it is treated to be heat-resistant, which makes it more suitable to industrial and commercial applications. Usually, it is not used in residential settings, but it is definitely strong enough to do the job.

• ABS – Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene is the original residential piping, but it is largely disallowed today due to weak joint connections. These pipes are black. Consider this a prototype of today’s most modern piping.

• PEX – Cross-linked polyethylene is the newest form of residential piping. The material is flexible and durable. This type of plastic pipe is already approved in many areas.

Making Decisions

Residential piping basically comes down to PVC or PEX plastic piping. Other types of plastic pipe are used in commercial and industrial settings. Hopefully, this gives you some background information about plastic piping that will help you better communicate with plumber of water damage santa clarita about the pipe that is already installed in your house and the piping you would like to use.